Nick MIles makes an appearance at POWDER week. PHOTO CHRIS FIGENSHAU

Words: Mallane Dressel

Nick Miles has been building momentum over the past few years. He received some serious praise for his smooth hand drag to switch in the Montage flick, For the Hell of It, shot by Sean Logan. At the first ever Twisted Sister Freeride Competition in Kirkwood he got 3rd place, just a little more than a half of a point behind World Freeride Champion, Josh Daiek. Then he threw a crowd favorite, his first double backflip, at the West Coast Sessions this last season. DANG! by 4FRNT looks to establish him further. "In the film he shows that he is one of the most well-rounded skiers in the biz… smooth, and strong, " says Austin Ramaley, 4FRNT's team and film manager.

What part of Dang! are you most proud of?

It was my first year on the 4FRNT Team and I was just pumped to be a part of the movie. I have a blast going skiing every day I go, and I hope that shows.

The highlight of my Jackson trip with Hoji, Wiley, and Cody was definitely on one of the last days. There was a rock spire in the middle of a wide-open zone that had blown into an almost perfect take off. It was right above this traverse that wraps around the mountain, so I had looked at it the whole trip. While Wiley and Cody were eyeing up some hits, I skied down and stepped out a take off. It ended up being a perfect step down, better than I had even pictured. With not much snow this year, it was the first trick I had thrown into pow all season.

You grew up with Parker White and Chris Logan, do you guys still ski together?
We had quite the crew growing up at Mount Snow. Skiing with Brian, Mikey Decker, Ryan Vescovi, and Jesse Mallis was all about being smooth and having fun. When Parker and I moved to Mammoth, we moved in with the Mammoth Crew. Darkness (Chris Logan) graduated early and came out that spring. It's always been about just going skiing, carving carves, and grabbing grabs.

What's next for you?

Well I bought a dirt bike this summer and I just got it in good running shape. There are a lot of sick rides around Mammoth, so I’ll probably just ride a lot to stay in shape. I'm upgrading the snow-machine this fall, and getting ready to shovel and explore a lot more this winter. Mammoth Unbound just posted a stack of new rails that were built, so I’m really ready for it to snow.