By The New Guy
Photos by Dan Brown/Kapitol Photography

Lets Chat,

I’ve read your comments, tweets, emails, etc and you’ll be happy to know I’m cool with all of them. And by “cool,” I mean, “drinking late into the night and crying into my pillow.” Just kidding. I am cool with them and I’d like to thank you for taking the precious time out of your busy day to let your well thought out hypotheses known on the Internet. That’s the kind of effort I like to see! Now, let’s get into this week’s column.

This week is Poor Boyz Productions’ new urban destroyer LJ Strenio. Up to this point, we’ve met guys from L1P, TGR, MHF, and now PBP. Maybe I’d get more respect around the office if I went by an acronym like TNG. Yeah, that’s the ticket. It works for LJ. Seems to work for our editor, DT, too though he also put the fear of God in the ASG people with his short-lived Tom Selleck mustache. But I digress so let’s meet LJ.

Note to self: grow mustache, start going by TNG, gain respect.

The New Guy

Name: LJ Strenio
Age: 21
Hometown: Burlington, VT
Where you may have seen me before: Meathead Films’ Wild Stallions, Rage Films’ Pretty Good

How did you hook up with the guys at Poor Boyz?
I owe it all to Pete Alport and Cody Carter. Cody invited me to the Jib Jam a couple years back where I got to ski with some of the crew. After that Pete and I talked about doing some urban but just got unlucky with weather and scheduling. Finally in December I got invited to join the crew on an urban trip to Canada. I bought a plane ticket and so it began!

Tell us about your experience filming with PBP on the first shoot.
I will never forget my first time shooting with PBP. I wasn’t really nervous because we were going to hit urban and I knew most of the guys already but I was extremely excited. As far as choosing, setting up and hitting the rails, I tried to keep quiet and just see how these guys did their thing. Every crew has their own system of getting it done and I just wanted to feel it out. PBP is definitely on a unique program and as you can see from their movies, they also definitely get it done. They’re basically a bunch of workhorses that love stackin’ shots. Among the many hilarious moments, one of the ones I’m allowed to mention went down at around 3 am, half way through the trip. We were sessioning a thin ledge sticking out off the second story of a school when a black SUV pulled into the alley way we were towing in down. Just as it pulled up the cop inside flicked on the undercover lights and a helicopter that had been circling us, which Pete had joked about being for us, snapped it’s search light directly on us. Apparently some residents in the area thought we were trying to break into the school and called a SWAT team. Once they found out we were just skiing they were super cool and almost let Walker get one more hit in. The joke for the rest of the trip was that we got the equivalent of 5 stars in Grand Theft Auto.

What is your favorite segment of all-time?
It’s a 3-way tie: Phil Belanger- Royalty, Dave Crichton- Forward, and Pep Fujas- Sessions 1242.

This season was filled with a lot of firsts for you: filming with PBP, competing at JOSS, and traveling the world. Was there one experience that stands out?
I had so many firsts this season and they were all amazing! Going to Japan, however, was the most life changing. I wanted to ski there more than anywhere else in the world and ended up getting to go with the Meatheads. Everything from the culture to the terrain was so unique and exciting, it was just so different from anything I’d ever experienced… and we got some good snow! It was also super fun because it was my breakout into backcountry skiing and I learned so much. We skied pillows, built jumps, and just plain shredded lines!

Jon Olsson Super Sessions 2010

Team New Schoolers

Matt Walker
Gus Kentworthy
LJ Strenio

Duncan Lake
Kevin Steen

If you could produce your perfect segment, what’s in that segment? Where are you skiing?
Man that’s a tough one… I don’t really think you can ever have a perfect segment, especially in an ever changing sport like ours, but right now I think my perfect segment would have a ton of creative but also gnarly urban from cities across the East Coast. A good mix of tricks I’ve wanted to get on urban rails and rail lines that are different. It would have about 10 shots on one perfect step-over park jump of all my favorite tricks, stuff that I just learned and tricks that I love to do. Then some really creative but probably simple pow shots that are more playful than anything else. I think the main thing I would want is for my segment to be different. Not just shots to music. I’m a big fan of sync sound in edits and quieter music. Audio is apart of movies and adds to the feel. Some of the most enjoyable things to watch are just edits online. I like to see what’s going on behind each perfect individual shot, whether it be driving somewhere, building a jump, getting kicked out, or the gnarly falls it took to get the trick. Shooting a segment is fun because it’s an adventure and I think the segment should reflect that.

You’re from the East Coast. What’s one major misconception about skiing on the East?
That it sucks! Everyone always hates on the East Coast because it can be dicey sometimes, but when it’s good, it’s good. If you love to ski and you live on the east, then you love to ski the East!

What are your plans for the summer?
As always, I’m going to be very busy! I’m headed up to Mt. Hood to play and finish shooting with PBP then back to SLC for school and coaching at the water ramps. Finally, I’m off to Vermont to visit and get a long awaited surgery on my wrist.

What can people expect to see from you in Poor Boyz Productions’ Revolver this fall?
Me having a ton of fun skiing with some new homies!