By The New Guy
Photos by Matt Stauble

Howdy Ho Readers,

I just heard the funniest joke at the water cooler! What has two legs, two arms, and gets to rearrange the Powder warehouse? Me. Yeah… not that funny. I can handle it but three weeks of hazing is a bit much, right? I guess that’s what happens when you’re a new guy. That is unless you’re one of the new guys at a ski film company.

This week we’re getting to know a little about Meathead Films’ young buck Dale Talkington. Dale’s from the rough neighborhoods of Vermont where vicious crimes like cow tipping and brain-freeze from too much Ben and Jerry’s go down. At 18, he’s developed a ski style all of his own. I’ve done the same thing, just with lifting boxes.

The New Guy

Name: Dale Talkington
Age: 18
Hometown: Weston, Vermont
Where you may have seen me before: May have seen me on the Internet. Filmed, a lot of edits with 4bi9 and New Intelligent Group these past years. Skiing in Vermont, Utah,and Colorado.

How did you hook up with the guys at Meathead Films?
I got hooked up with Meathead Films through Clayton Vila and Sean Jordan. I spent a lot of time with those two, skiing and traveling, and they told [Meatheads cinematographer] Geoff [McDonald] about me. Geoff called and asked if I wanted to do some park-shoots with them.

Tell us about your experience filming with Meathead on the first shoot:
The first shoot that I went to was at Mount Snow in Vermont. When I got there, I wasn’t too nervous. I was stoked to get out, hit some big features, and hopefully get some shots with Meathead. Turned out to be a success, had great weather, was able to get some shots, and have a great time.

What are your thoughts on joining the Meathead crew? Is there anyone in the Meathead roster you’d like to shoot with next season?
Ever since I was little I’ve been watching and buying the Meathead movies. I always looked up to the riders in it and couldn’t be more stoked to now be a part of it. Next season I would love to be able to film with Sean Jordon, Clayton Vila and Shea Flynn again. They’re some of the chillest kids to be around and are always pushing each other to the next level.

What is your favorite segment of all-time?
My favorite segment of all time would be Liam Downy’s segment from [Level 1 Productions’] Long Story Short. Firee!

The East Coast is often overlooked. How was your season on the Right Coast?
This year I spent most of winter traveling around on the West Coast filming with 4bi9. I ended up coming back from Utah and was able to get two months of skiing in on the East Coast. It was two of the most productive months of skiing I have ever had.

If you could produce your perfect segment, what’s in that segment? What are you skiing?

The perfect segment for me would have the perfect mix of backcountry, park, and urban skiing, with Planet Earth-lifestyles mixed in.

You released an edit this year with Evan Williams of the New Intelligent Group. Did you expect it to be as well received as it has been? Kids on the Internet are calling you the new King of Style.

When we released that edit we were not expecting it to be as well received as it has been. We were just skiing together one weekend and decided to randomly make an edit. Stoked that everyone liked it so much. I do not think that I am the new king of style, but I am trying my best to make everything look as good as possible and I’m glad kids like it.

Two Full days with Dale Talkington at Okemo Mountain and Mount Snow VT.

Video shot and edited by Evan Williams

Shot using Panasonic DVX-100B

What can people expect to see from you in Meathead Films’ Work It Out this fall?
This year I started working with Meathead late and only got to go to a couple park shoots over the last month of the season but they ended up being a success and I was able to get a lot of shots for Work It Out. The movie is going to be so dope this year, I would advise everyone to buy it.

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