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Hello again,

The New Guy here and let me tell you, things are going well in the Powder Magazine offices. We're hard at work on our annual Buyer's Guide, the average number of swirlies I'm receiving per week has dropped, and Powder Photo Editor Dave Reddick told me to, "knock myself out," with a point-and-shoot camera for an assignment. Things couldn't be better so let's get to it. Last week, we met Level 1's new kid from way up there in Alaska. This week, I'd like you to meet Teton Gravity Research's new guy from way down under, Byron Wells. While the guys from Jackson Hole aren't giving him swirlies, they are having him guinea pig 100-ft tables at Stevens Pass. If given the choice, I'd take the swirly. So once again, kick back, make sure the boss isn't looking, and get to know TGR's new kid, Byron Wells.

The New Guy

Name: Byron Wells
Age: 18
Hometown: Wanaka, NZ
Where you may have seen me before: Winter of Wells webisodes and the halfpipe.

How did you hook up with the guys at TGR?
I was talking with Greg Strokes from Oakley about starting to film and all that and because they sponsor TGR he hooked me up with Josh Neilson and the ball started to roll from there.

Tell us about your experience filming with TGR on the first shoot.
I didn’t really know what to expect, as it was my first park shoot. It was sick skiing with Sammy [Carlson] and [John] Spriggs again and the TGR crew is so rad and easy to work with. Plus, Sammy and Spriggs gave me a Knife for guinea pigging the 100 footer.

What is your favorite segment of all-time?
Ohh, I would have to go with Pep [Fujas] in Session 1242. I could watch that over and over again.

Your older brother is Jossi Wells. As two professionally skiing brothers, is there competition between the two of you?
Oh you know it! Ha, it's friendly though. We both help each other as much as we can and have a bunch of fun too.

If you could produce your perfect segment, what's in that segment? What are you skiiing?
All over the show. AK, BC, Park, Pipe and everywhere in between.

Living in New Zealand, you kind of experience an endless winter. When do you catch a break?
Right now, actually. I'm on the Gold Coast in Australia but other than now (June) and a little of October and November, not much.

What's one major thing people don't know about skiing in New Zealand?
The Southern Alps are actually bigger then the European Alps.

What can people expect to see from you in Teton Gravity Research's Light The Wick this fall?
You can expect me to be popping out of your screen in 3D!!! Going to be some crazy shots.

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