1. GoPro inbounds at a ski resort, helmet mount aimed at feet.

2. We’re in Vail. Oh shit, I’m a beater too.

3. Backpack inbounds at ski resort (waist strap unfastened and dangling). What the hell do people put in there? What could you possibly need a pack for when you’re five minutes from a lodge or your car?

4. Your BC rig consists of the shiniest, fanciest, most expensive, best internet-reviewed new gear.

5. You’re asking me about that new craft brewery in town like a $7 beer that makes you all bloated and farty is something to get excited about.

6. Helmet-mounted GoPro, backpack, and the fanciest, best internet-reviewed new BC gear inbounds while asking me about that new craft brewery in town.

7. You’re a local vibing and/or bagging on beaters. Wait a minute…