I have a little tiny head. With most ski helmets, I look like Toad, from Mario Kart. Toad is an exceptional go-kart racer, but I can’t pull-off the ‘big turban on small human’ look like he can.

The Giro Range helmet solves this problem, which is good, because I really do think it’s probably smart to be wearing a helmet while I ski, and it’s nice to not be self-conscious about it. The Range is low-profile, and even a little sleek, without looking like a downhill race helmet or anything. Basically, it fits my head and is comfortable and will protect my brain if I hit it on something. That’s all I need.

The Range’s features include a magnetic buckle that makes it easy to snap the strap with gloves on. Like most helmets, Giro’s Conform Fit Technology offers simple size adjustments to make it tighter if, say, I’ve recently gotten a haircut, or looser, if, say, I’m a little hungover and just need to breathe a little. It also has vents on top of the helmet, though one of mine seems dislodged and often doesn’t open or close all the way. Another fault of the helmet is that I swear it seems more prone to having a gap between the top of my goggles and the helmet, exposing my forehead, not to mention my true gaper self. But that’s okay. At least I don’t look like Toad.

PHOTO: Maggie Kaiserman