The Gathering 3.0

Red Mountain shines again during the third Gathering

Marko Shapiro presents at Gathering 3

Marko Shapiro presents at Gathering 3

By Derek Taylor

The first Gathering was also the first time I met Marko Shapiro. I was with our photo editor, David Reddick, who introduced us, and Marko, in his Marko way, asked blunty: “What are you guys doing here?”

I told him we were there because they were there. They being the Clambin Crew: Marko, Ace Kvale, John Falkner and a collection of their friends. His reply: “Well we don’t even know what we are doing here.”

" Gallery: The Gathering "

The Gathering is now in it’s third year. And now we know why we come to Red. We come to be inspired by like minded people of all ages who share a similar passion for skiing. And we come to ski. The Gathering is two nights of photo and multimedia presentations, and several days of skiing. But it’s also much more. It’s hard to describe to anyone who’s never been there, but suffice to say, it’s becoming my favorite weekend of the year.

John Falkner couldn’t make it this year, but Ace and Marko were back to present. So were veterans such as Dave Heath, Steve Ogle, Francios Marseille, and Derek Frankowski. And the crowd was treated to newcomers such as Mike Douglas, Leslie Anthony, Dane Tudor, Lean Evans, Colston VB, Mattias Giraud and Grant Gunderson. It had snowed at Red for 23 of 25 days in March prior to our arrival, and snowed another eight inches while we were there. I met new friends, at the events and in huts stashed in the woods. Once again I left Rossland and the Gathering promising to be back next year. And I’ll be sorely disappointed if I don’t.

The Gathering has come and gone this year, but it promises to be back, even better, for next. One addition already in the works is a three-day photo workshop with Shapiro himself. In the meantime Red Resort is open until April 3, and the skiing is still going off.