The Base Grind: January 6

Derailments of all sorts

Recycle Skis in Colorado

Not only can you now legally purchase weed in the great state of Colorado, but you can also recycle your old skis with WasteNot Recycling of Loveland. What will they think of next, a center for ants?!?

Tram Bashing

Alyeska's tram at the upper terminal near where the accident happened. PHOTO: COURTESY ALYESKA

Nothing like a good ol' lift scare to put you in the mood for New Year's Eve. On the final night of 2012, five passengers were downloading on Alyeska's tram after dinner at the mid-mountain restaurant during calm winds when a 45 mph gust slammed the descending car into the lift tower and stranded it on the tower's guide rails. The passengers were dropped to the floor, injuring one woman, and then had to be rescued by a cable-mounted sled using harnesses and carabiners.

One Footed Filmers

Traveling Circus filmer Shane McFalls switches places to get in front of the lens for his annual bout of progression. It's all the shredding you could ever want to do on one ski.

Nicky Adams is Back

Remember Nicky Adams? The Quebec-raised former park skier was one of the only black skiers on the pro circuit, was an X Games skiboard champion, and had a nasty cork 9 at the U.S. Open (on regular skis). It was recently brought to my attention that Nicky moved on to be a pro inline skater with sponsors as big as Rockstar, and rumor is he still hits the hills near Montreal.

Bode Miller's Yacht is for Sale

Got, I dunno, a shitload of cash, a penchant for the high seas, and looking for a "cheap" avenue to waterfront living in San Diego? Bode Miller is selling his "fixer-upper" yacht that he's been living on in the San Diego harbor with his wife, Morgan Beck, and daughter. Miller claims that oceanfront property is going for "at least" $10 million in California these days, and that makes his as-yet unlisted yacht a steal. So you can at least be certain you'll be spending under that for this celebrity's 100-foot floating mansion. No word on what remodeling still needs to be performed, although man, those deck cushions sure look disorganized!

Dangerous Week at Killington

Over the holiday weekend between Christmas and New Year's, Killington ski patrol was working overtime, attending to over a dozen skiers who got lost skiing out of bounds in the woods in five separate incidents. Kudos are owed to the Connecticut man who had enough mountain sense to build a snow cave for himself and his 11-year old son. The two were eventually rescued, deep in the night, eight hours after becoming lost.