The Base Grind: Friday’s News Roundup for July 27th

Progression, old dude tricks, and why skiing with friends is awesomer

More Gloom in June. PHOTO: RYAN DUNFEE

Words: Ryan Dunfee, The Base Grind

Between a Rock and an MMSA
The latest community update meeting in the town of June took place this Wednesday, with residents passionately resisting Mammoth Mountain Ski Area's two primary demands in exchange for keeping June open: a subsidy from the town for airport improvements and the ability to construct more bed space for visitors. Residents are skeptical of the demands CEO Rusty Gregory put on the town earlier this month to make June more attractive to week-long destination visitors--they've been unable to find a cab driver who has ever taken a fare from the airport to June. While the Forest Service has yet to issue the mountain a letter of non-compliance, it seems more and more unlikely that MMSA will get what it wants in exchange for keeping the mountain open, as they face a determined community struggling to produce their own solution with their very limited resources.

Park Progression Slows to a Halt

Despite all the unavoidable pressure that is surely building as the world's best slope and pipe skiers near the Olympics the field is totally slacking. For the second summer in a row, Gus Kenworthy has managed to be the only skier to have landed a double flip off of a rail. I would have thought Wallisch would have a K-Fed triple rodeo in the bag by this point, but apparently the new fad of tranny-finding and wallride re-directs has distracted everyone. Someone better call their agents and get these slackers back in the game.

Heshers Complete Their Holiday

On the opposite side of the ski universe, skiing's sort-of-pros-mostly-amateurs are up to all kinds of exciting mischief. You know, all the cool easy shit skiing park as a (relatively) old dude entails: straight airs, butters, grinding quarter-pipe "coping," spitting beers, skiing in jeans without poles at a snowboard mountain, shifties, side-hits, and 180s. Also, the Hot Possie is doing their best to make blown tricks, crooked landings, and washing out look cool, which bodes well for the rest of us amateurs.

Skiing with Friends is Awesomer

In Poor Boyz' latest exploration of the human psyche, they've found that skiing with friends is better. You probably didn't know that because you're a loser who skis alone on the weekends and cries about the fact that your non-existent friends aren't pros who are getting props from T-Hall for doing a switch rodeo into a quarterpipe jump/revert/transfer thing I can't even accurately describe with words. But loners like you will benefit from the insight of the jib community's most seasoned public speakers, who belt out gems of wisdom during the trailer like, "I just really enjoy skiing with other people." If these fine orators sermonizing over the next-level chorus of Macklemore's "And We Danced" weren't enough to convince to plop a cool thirty bones on the DVD, rest assured that Leigh Powis' and Charley Ager's segments will probably justify the price of purchase.