The 100th Episode of Salomon Freeski TV

Dedicated to the memory of Magnus Kastengren

Salomon Freeski TV dropped their 100th episode today. It’s a feat worthy celebrating—seven seasons worth of skiing across the globe documented in a web-based series that launched before edits became the thing they are today.

However, Salomon released their 100th episode with heavy emotions. Salomon learned that Magnus Kastengren, a friend and ski partner of Salomon athlete Andreas Fransson, fell to his death on Mount Cook in New Zealand last weekend. Kastengren and Fransson were on an expedition there.

A statement released by Salomon Freeski TV reads: “While Magnus was not a member of the Salomon team, he was a friend who shared the same passions, hopes, dreams and mojo. With a heavy heart, we are announcing that this 100th episode of Salomon Freeski TV is dedicated to Andreas' treasured friend. We know this is an incredibly difficult time for Andreas, and we hope you'll all join us in surrounding him with thoughts of strength and healing.”

Salomon Freeski TV Producer Mike Douglas who has been at the helm of this web series since the beginning, and has driven the sport of freeskiing since day one, offers a dedication to Magnus in the 100th episode. Below is a letter Douglas wrote to TV viewers, thanking them for the journey.

Talking the Creative Process with Mike Douglas: An interview about Salomon Freeski TV’s seventh season, where he finds his inspiration, filmmaking, and skiing.


When I think back to the humble beginnings of Salomon Freeski TV, it's hard for me to believe we've already produced 100 episodes of the show. In my entire ski career, it's been the most rewarding thing I've ever been a part of, and for that I am grateful.

First, I'd like to thank the good people at Salomon. At a time when most companies looked at the internet as a place for cheap, crappy content, they saw opportunity. They believed in the project from day one and invested in it so we could produce something worth watching. If you're going to do it, do it right. There's been more than one occasion where we've been asked to remove shots because they are “too branded” — and that makes me feel good. Nobody skis to buy things. People ski because of the feeling it gives them. The goal of the program has always been to inspire this feeling.

Secondly, I'd like to thank the crew that works on the episodes, both the team at Switchback Entertainment and at Salomon. These people go above and beyond to make each episode what it is. When I think of these people, the following words come to mind: creative, passionate, tireless, dedicated, critical, adventurous, fearless, honest, and stoked. All of them have left their personal mark on this show and it wouldn't be what it is without them.

Next, I'd like to thank the athletes. Being a pro skier is definitely a dream job, but skiing for the cameras can be a tedious exercise, especially when you are producing something other than ski porn. They've bought into the wacky ideas, brought creativity, stood in the cold at 3 a.m., and don't complain when “just one more” turns into 30 more. Without their willingness to put their egos aside and their full commitment to the creative vision, we couldn't have done half the things we have.

Finally, I'd like to thank YOU, the fans. Without you we'd be nothing — just another bunch of ski videos buried in the shadows of Youtube. Your enthusiasm for the show drives us on and we take your criticisms very seriously — we read every single comment. As satisfying as it is to produce Salomon Freeski TV, the absolute best part is when we hear that one of our shows changed someone's life in a positive way. If you keep watching, we'll keep making them. We love this.

Thank you.
—Mike Douglas