Everybody Rides at the TELUS World Ski and Snowboard Festival, Apr 16-25 2010

Someone said of the TELUS World Ski and Snowboard Festival: "it's all gravy, all the time."

Make that, "all gravity, all the time."

When it comes to going up and coming down, Whistler enjoys an embarrassment of riches. This year, the Festival puts the world's best skiers into an Olympic-sized half-pipe to celebrate 4/20, the Orage Masters brings its antics, outfits and team slopestyle anti-comp down to the valley for all the world to see, and the Grenade Games deploys the galactic leaders of the snowboard universe for the ultimate 5 day shred mission.

And if, despite the dumping of snow Whistler has been receiving, your mind is still turning to bike season, we've got you covered with the Canadian premiere of Follow Me.

You know that fight you used to have with your mom, when you were a kid? When you said, "Well, everyone else was doing it". And she said, "So if everybody else jumped off  a cliff, would you do that too?"  Finally, there's an answer. Bring her to see this film. Yes, Mom. Actually, I would.  Sometimes, you've just got to trust and follow. You call it silly, but I call it FUN!

Hope to see you at the Festival. Media accreditation details are online at http://www.wssf.com/media