Telemark Skiing Proposed for 2022 Olympics
Move over tandem monoski, there is a new potential Olympic contender in town. From gone to potential gold, telemark ski racing has been added to a formal FIS petition ahead of the 2022 Beijing Games.

Asking the IOC to consider the sport among other Olympic hopefuls like ski big air, FIS thinks the telemark disciplines of parallel sprint and mixed gender team parallel sprint could bolster the Olympic docket. Beijing 2022: Free the heel, free the gold.

P.S. This looks awesome.

Relive Tahoe's Miracle March
March was pretty dang good in Tahoe this season. How good you ask? Janky Films explains in roughly the amount of time it takes to sip your morning coffee.

Kanye hosts album release party in Jackson-area ranch, rappers promptly banned
Catching Jackson Hole a tad off-guard, Kanye West hosted a listening party for his upcoming album, "Ye," from local Diamond Cross Ranch, throwing a rager that put the Gelandequaff World Championships and all future and past Keystone Light keggers to shame.

Unfortunately, in addition to stealing what may have been your, my, or any of our dozens of friends' Teton Instagram shots as his album cover, Kanye is likely one and done in Jacksonia.

In fact, the owner of the ranch said that there will be "no more rappers" allowed on premises, adding that she is still open to events with "good music." Yeezy to the Burn Unit!

Ski Lift Proposal Goes Wrong
Well, this one has a kind of predictable ending, but one California man accidentally took the ultimate plunge this week, dropping an engagement ring from a chairlift mid-proposal.

Sean Strickland couldn't lay off the Butterfingers, fumbling the ring 50 feet into thick brush at Snow Summit in Big Bear. Resort employees ultimately found the ring after hours of searching, but not before I had time to add it to this Week in Review. Sorry, Sean!

Beartooth Basin Opens for Season
Fear not, North America. Ski season just kicked off at our favorite summer destination. Montana's Beartooth Basin, fired up the bullwheel this week, just a few days before its annual Summer Shredfest this June 14-17. Dust 'em off and come shred.