Team Kästle Wraps Up the Season with Podiums, Peaks and New Players


04.21.2010 – (Wels, Austria) – The Kästle Pro Team has had a busy winter full of ski mountaineering, big-mountain freeskiing competitions, and Kästle Adventure Tours. The roster of athletes is stronger than ever before and worked on a diverse array of successful projects.

Chris Davenport took his new 2010/11 pro model, the FX94, to Antarctica to film a documentary that will premiere this spring, "Austrailis: An Antarctic Ski Odyssey"

Giulia Monego was a member of a North Face-sponsored expedition to China and was joined by Ingrid Backstrom, Kasha Rigby and Jimmy Chin. The trip began with an acclimatization trek in the Shangri La area. The group successfully traveled to the Sichuan region to climb and ski one of the satellite peaks of Minya Konga Mountains, the Reddomaine, which is over 6000 meters tall.

Griffin Post was the only American male qualified for the Freeride World Tour 2009/2010. He spent the season competing on that and the Freeskiing World Tour. Finishing strong in the Freeride Tour Standings and second in Freeskiing World Tour (he was only behind by one point). He also wrote for Powder and Skiing Magazine’s websites.

Baptiste Blanc got an extremely rare opportunity to Ski the Fuji Yama in Japan. The goal of the expedition, occurring right now, is to climb and ski the mountain but also to understand what the Fuji San represents for Japanese and why it is so mystical and well known around the world.

After multiple top three and one first place finish in the Freeride World Tour Qualifying competitions, Lorraine Huber qualified 4th and placed 7th at the end of the Freeride World Tour. In addition to a season of competition, she also had time to lead The Women’s Freeride & Yoga Camp as part of the Kästle Adventure Tours which involved an intense three days of technical training, video analysis and yoga.

Karine Falck-Pedersen, in her second season on the US Freeskiing tour, again brought her competitive spirit to the circuit. Karine also joined the Warren Miller film tour in the western states, promoting the tour on local radio and TV shows. Both Lorraine and Karine teamed up for the second year in a row to film for next year's Warren Miller film, this time in Alberg.

And finally, Kastle would like to announce the addition of Canadian athlete Chad Sayer to the North American team. The 2010 cover boy graced six international ski titles in between multiple expeditions from Patagonia to Cascade Volcano tours.

"We're very excited to have signed Chad to the Kästle Team," notes Siegfried Rumpfhuber, Kästle president. "He shares Kästle's passion for the sport and compliments the dynamic, international skiers that make up the Kästle Team."

The Kästle Pro Team includes: Martin "McFly" Winkler (AT), Chris Davenport (US), Sascha Schmid (CH), Giulia Monego (IT), Baptiste Blanc (FR), Griffin Post (US), Hugo Harrisson (CA), Jennifer Farde (SE), Lorraine Huber (AT, AU), Karine Falck-Pedersen (NO), and Chad Sayer (CA).

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