Tanner Hall has been a trailblazer ever since stepping into the freeskiing world, and now he is lighting up and blazin’ a whole new territory. Black Rock Originals, a weed accessory brand, announced today that they are official sponsors of Tanner Hall, making this the “first official relationship between cannabis and active professional athletes.”

The duo released the Tanner Hall Ski Boss collection, which includes a lighter, grinder, and rolling papers.

“There are so many smokers in skiing and snowboarding. They finally can have a brand name to identify with, you know, that actually wants to work with athletes,” says Tanner.

This decision shouldn’t surprise anyone. Last month, Tanner said in an interview with High Times that he was interested in coming out with his own strain.

The Denver based company says their aim is to create a brand that reflects the active lifestyles many smokers lead, and attempt to get away from the stereotypical image of a stoner. Their new relationship with the ski industry through Tanner is a big step toward their goal.