Tanner Hall makes Freeride World Tour debut, snags second
Who says you can't teach an old lion new tricks? Tanner Hall made his Freeride World Tour debut in Hakuba, Japan and nearly stole the show, throwing down an impressive run that landed him in second on the day (high-flier Markus Eder took top honors). Turns out T-Hall kept that competitive flame lit the whole time, stomping out a run of off-axis 360s and a backflip. Nice to see Mr. Hall has come to play. 

VIDEO: 24 inches in 24 hours
Rob Aseltine and the rest of the Utards had themselves a week, as the Cottonwoods and the rest of the state got absolutely blasted with storms. This is what 24 inches in 24 hours looks like. Good golly, Miss Molly, this is quite a spectacle to say the least. Here are your three minutes of pure powder zen.

Aggressive ski boss note goes viral
In the world of ski bosses, there is agro and then there's Mark. What a pair of cojones on this manager, eh? This note addressed to some Jiminy Peak employees has gone viral this week, and for good reason. Some serious gems in here. "Snow is no excuse for missing work. If thousands of skiers can make it to Jiminy, so can you." Cold-blooded!

Dude. Woah.

Israel shoots down rocket over ski resort
If you thought ski traffic was annoying, try dodging the wayward ski area rocket. Don't believe me? Well, that's exactly what went down this week at Mount Hermon in Israel when an Israeli air defense drone shot down an alleged Syrian missile. Mount Hermon Ski Area, on the border near Syria and Lebanon, has a ski scene unlike any other. No one was hurt in the incident, but there is some pretty gnarly footage circulating the Interwebs. Thank you, next.

Jackson Hole woman's pink skis save life
One Jackson woman is thanking her lucky shredsticks this week after getting trapped upside down at the popular Wyoming resort. Jenny Karns was scoring deep turns in the Hobacks when she tumbled and stuck herself head down. Though she was skiing alone at the time, the bright pink bases of her skis were sticking straight up, catching a passing skier's eye and ultimately saving her life. The skier dug out Karns, and both lived to ski another day.