From hanging out with Justin Bieber to a failed attempt at Chad’s Gap that turned into one of the most brutal, most-watched crash videos ever, Tanner Hall, AKA skiboss, has had a lot of great* moments on the Internet. This week, though, the legend outdid himself with an interview for High Times magazine, a storied publication advocating for legalization since the ’70s. The ski industry’s biggest advocate for marijuana tells High Times that he’s been getting high since he was 9 or 10–and, save for a brief hiatus right before the Chad’s Gap injury, has been pretty steadily self-medicating since. Hall reveals some big plans for the future as well. After helping create Armada, his own recording label, and, the unlikely entrepreneur will put his stamp on the marijuana industry with a new strain of weed. And yes, he wants to call it SKIBOSS.

Like A Lion!!!! @rockstarenergy photo by @stantenisland #skiboss

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*Here are some of his truly great moments on the Internet. We’d be doing you AND the skiboss a disservice if we didn’t share this pillow drop from 2014, or his game-changing segment from Poor Boyz Productions’ 2003 film, 1242.