After an abysmally low tide 2015-16 season, the whole East Coast has been hoping for a "normal" winter. What we didn't expect here at Sugarloaf was the wicked storm cycle we've seen the past 10 days. Over five feet of snow has fallen on the mountain and snow depths are at record levels across the state of Maine—many locals claim they haven't seen snowbanks this tall in a long, long time.

On Monday, February 13, a classic Nor'Easter decided to hammer the ‘Loaf. I was up at 3:30 a.m. that morning, too excited to sleep; by 5 a.m. bacon and eggs were on the stove. After all, it makes perfect sense that "the Breakfast Club" be well fed before hitting the slopes. Our go-to group of local rippers was ready to rock for this one—most of the crew had been banking on this storm coming together since it first popped up in the forecast, while a few had to resort to calling in sick from the chairlift.

Our hopes were high for good conditions, but none of us expected it to be all time. Twenty-five inches of the most wicked blowah powdah you've ever seen this side of the Mississippi greeted us when we reached the top of the Skyline chair. It was the type of snow you choke on as you instinctively hoot and holler with each turn; and boy, the echoes of cheers across the mountain from Sugarloafers taking their first turns was a sound I won't soon forget.

—Jamie Walter