Josh Daiek has podiumed the last three years at the Kirkwood comp. Daiek, a South Lake Tahoe local, shares his favorite spots to get loose, get down, and party on the bottom side of the lake.


I’m not gonna lie, the best place to get coffee is at my house. Sorry, I never buy coffee in town. Alpina Cafe is a local's favorite though.

Lunch on the Hill:

If you’re on a budget hit up the General Store in Red Cliffs for beers on tap and fresh foods. If you’re looking for a more memorable experience, go to the Kirkwood Inn to enjoy food and drink in the same building as travelers from the 1800’s experienced while passing on the immigrant trail.


Some of my favorite skiing at Kirkwood is down the cornice line off chair 6. Everything is pretty visible and easy to tell what you’re getting yourself into. Another favorite is Thunder Saddle on the backside, some of the best skiing Kirkwood has to offer. Best air at the Wood by far is Soul Searcher!


Young, punk, degenerate? Whiskey Dicks.
Mellow, artsy, hippie? Divided Sky
Local vibe? Turn 3


Some of my favorite restaurants are Sprouts, Burger Lounge and Steamers (note: Friday through Monday at Steamers for tacos, greasy and delicious!)


Late night party action is at the casinos no question. The best clubs are at Mont Bleu and Harrahs.

The Casinos are your best bet for a good nightlife scene. There is always some sort of event, concert or party going on.