Yesterday, to highlight the fact that there are 500 short days until skiers will be doing flippy spinny things in the Olympic halfpipe, the Sochi 2014 Organizing Committee announced their Olympic Slogan.

It's bad. Real bad. "–аркие. —имние. Твои," which translates to: “Hot. Cool. Yours.”

Excuse me?

USA Today, which is not known for its witty platitudes, noted that the slogan sounds like a title for the next Katy Perry album. I think it could also make for a nice Dairy Queen ad campaign.

But that's totally not what they were implying with their word choices. The Sochi Committee carefully explained why they chose the slogan: Hot, for the fire burning in the hearts of the lugers and biathletes. Cold, because these here are the winter Games. And Yours, because the Olympic Committee wants us to collectively revel in the success of our respective nation's curlers.

There's more. Russian (I just learned today) is a dynamic language, and the words –аркие and —имние, have multiple meanings. For instance, –аркие doesn't just mean hot, it can also mean sultry and passionate. Members of the Russian media are having a field day. Journalist Andrey Kozenko tweeted: “The Olympic slogan ‘Hot. Wintry. Yours’ is missing a phone number and a line that says, ‘Private residences. Apartments.'” Side note, did you know that Sochi is one of the mail order bride capitals of the world?

Here's to weird Russian double entendres coming your way for the next 498 days.

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