So You Want to Buy a Ski Resort?

This might be your year. Colorado’s Echo Mountain is up for auction.

Words: Heather Hansman

Start saving your dollars from your off-season job; it's a good time to buy a ski resort. Echo Mountain, Denver's local hill, is on the block. It goes to auction August 2.

According to the Denver Post, current Echo owner Jerry Petitt "bought the 226-acre dormant Squaw Pass(Echo’s former name) ski area at a 2002 auction for $700,000 and has since plowed several million dollars into developing the area."

That's probably less than it costs to buy a house in Vail.

If Echo isn't your mountain, Jackson's Snow King, Utah's Brian Head, and Durango's San Juan Cat Skiing are all on the market as well. You can probably get a deal: western Colorado's Powderhorn sold for $1.4 million last summer.

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