Smell the Glove: Trew To Me

(Ed’s note: Smell the Glove is a series chronicling stuff we actually use. STG 1: Sock Guy // STG 2: Smith I/O Goggles)

By Mike Rogge
Published: January 12, 2011

An editor from the now-defunct Big Brother skateboard magazine coined the word "bromance" in the 1990s. I'm inclined to use the word here when describing my relationship with the guys from Trew Gear, but I won't. Yes, the guys from the Hood River-based company are great, but the trewth is, even if they were dinks, I'd still wear their outerwear. It's that damn good.

For my jacket, I go with the Powfunk for it's freeride fit, stylish colors, and technical prowess. My favorite feature of the jacket (aside from it keeping me dry and warm) is the conveniently placed under-the-flap pocket that allows easy access to my iPhone. Switching up the daily soundtrack from the Grateful Dead to AllStar to The Black Keys has never been easier.

When it comes to my bottom half, I wear the Eagle pant for its simplicity and patriotic name. Go America! The Eagle pant is equipped with "street style" pockets, i.e. normal functioning pockets that allow my hand to slip in for a cash and right back out to present it to (insert fun bartender's name here). The best feature on the Eagle pant is the durable Superfabric around the bottom cuff of the pants. While other pants rip when walking through the parking lot, all of Trew's lower-half offerings come with a solid-as-a-rock protection around the ankles.

While the Eagle pant is my choice, everyone from Dan Marion and Garrett Russell to Powder Senior Editor Matt Hansen and the D-Man (my father) says that the Trewth Bib is the greatest thing since (fill in your favorite invention here). Says Marion, "It's definitely keeping the shred alive." And it's definitely worth a look.

When it comes to colors, Trew offers a variety of styles that'll say everything from "I'm here for business" to "I'm in the business of partying." And with their now-iconic thumbs up logo, positive vibes will exude from even the most depressed and miserable of people (read the comments in this story for an example of said les misérables). I rock the Lemon Ice Powfunk and the Lemon pants honor of my high school's colors (Go Spartans!). Colors and everything else aside, the gear just performs. In the last two seasons wearing their product,I haven't gotten cold or wet in any conditions the East Coast or West Coast has had to offer. And that's the honest Trewth.

Side note: The guys from Trew are great to ski and party with and travel the country all season long. If you see them in their RV ( haRVey the gnaRVy) this winter, stop in and say hello. Tell them some dude who wrote about bromance sent you. They'll know what's up.