Smell the Glove: Part I

Things we actually use: Sock Guy socks

(Ed’s note: This piece is the first in a series covering stuff we use. Or, Ladies and Gentlemen, we give you Smell the Glove!)

By Derek Taylor
Published: December 22, 2010

I picked up a several pairs of these after Sock Guy, a company known for making witty and technical bike socks (Save the Tatas, Cancer Sucks, etc.), branched out into the snow world a couple of years ago. They've been in a constant rotation ever since. I like a sock with a little bit of volume to it, which these offer. They have more flair to them than most ski socks, which of course no one sees once they are in your boots. The pair pictured is a 75 percent wool, 15 percent nylon, 10 percent spandex-blend, though I have several 75% acrylic pairs in the mix as well. I prefer wool, though the difference is minimal once they're in the boot. This pair is also billed as a snowboard sock, though I personally can't tell the difference between the ski and board versions, and these don't seem to send me sideways anymore than usual. I probably have close to 40 days in this particular pair, and they are holding up nicely. I like the Rasta colors because they remind me of our late friend C.R.