Post-Red Bull Linecatcher Event, Sages Shreds Vars, France

Words and Photos: Jamey Voss

Today is January 13, 2010. It's the day after the Red Bull Linecatcher event that went off in Vars, France. Copious celebration the night before by North Americans Sean Pettit and C.R. Johnson, who took second and third on the podium, respectively, has directly correlated into an afternoon where almost no one is in any shape to ski. That is except for Sage Cattabriga-Alosa and photographer Christoffer Sjstrm.

Skiing w/ Sage

Vars is like no resort I've ever been. In four days we've only touched about 15 percent of the 52 lifts here and there has not been a lack of powder to be found. Even three days after the last snow, the Euros here are all about "ze piste" and if you've ever wondered whatever happened to snowlerblades, I'm pretty sure they all ended up here. As the clouds move in and the snow begins to feather from the peaks, I dart into the woods behind Sage and Chris. Officially they were out shooting photos, but semi-unofficially they were maybe just shredding. Nonetheless, I learned a few lessons from following them around:

Sometimes in ski movies you see a pro like Sage launch a perfect cliff into the perfect powder of a perfectly sloped landing, and think maybe you could do that too. Maybe you can, but what separates you from Sage is the how he'll throw a little shifty 360 in a field of refrozen mank while you're bucking around in the back seat just trying to keep up.

Sage skis fast and super pro photog Chris shoots fast. He has his camera bag open, lens changed, and gives the Sage the OK while you are still fumbling to get a shot with your point and shoot.

As impressive as the air Sage will take in the deep woods is the control he has to land it at speed, thread the needle through hairy trees, and shut it down just below.

When you are skiing with a pro like Sage, the whole damn mountain is a no fall zone. It's amazing how quick you end up all alone with no idea where the yellow jacket you've been doing your best impression of "keeping up" went.

I managed to hang long enough to get a few shots…enjoy.