BREAKING: World Record for Longest Shot Ski

Some 888 people will meet in Breckenridge this week to shatter last year’s record

It’s doubtful anyone at the bar will care that Ann Atkins set the record for the largest collection of garden gnomes with 2,010 or that the record for most people twerking simultaneously is 358. But this Thursday, nearly 900 skiers, drinkers, and generally the type of people we like to spend our afternoons with, will line up down Main Street in Breckenridge, Colorado, in an attempt to break the only world record that really matters: World’s Longest Shot Ski. It is all part of the annual Ullr Fest celebration, where the previous record was set when 666 able-bodied drinkers bent their knees and knocked one back on a shot ski built using 219 skis spanning 973 feet. Leave now to make it into the lineup by 4 p.m. on Thursday and make your mark on history.

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