Ski worker's widow stiffed for man's legal marijuana use
It's a sticky situation at best, but one Colorado widow learned that her late husband's workers' compensation benefits will be halved by a Colorado ski resort after (legal) marijuana was found in his system at the time of his death.

Erika Lee's husband, Adam Lee, was crushed to death last year while working underneath a magic carpet at Loveland Ski Area, but toxicology reports after his death indicated a high level of THC in his system.

Though marijuana is legal in Colorado and THC stays in the system for days and even weeks after consumption, employers have the right to workers' comp benefits by 50-percent if tests turn up positive. Lee plans to appeal the decision.

VIDEO: Lacing it Lupe
Repping Lower New England, Lupe Hagearty has been waging war on park and urban metal for the better part of a decade. This summer, Lupe took his talents to Hood, letting us all know that style is alive and well. Anyone care for a 360-swap? This guy has plenty to go around.

Drones to aid Aspen Mountain Rescue
In addition to filming selfie park edits and spring break après parties, drones are filling a much more practical role in Colorado these days, becoming the newest tool for Aspen Mountain Rescue.

The alpine rescue team has decided to adopt the technology, equipped with a 30x optical lens and an infra-red camera to locate lost backcountry skiers and hikers in terrain often too dangerous or remote to access in a timely fashion.

While it may seem a little far-fetched, the Team has already located one lost hiker this summer with the drone and this week a drone was able to locate a missing Scottish climber on K2, leading to his dramatic rescue. Alright, maybe drones are not the worst, after all.

Blockbuster Alert: Is this Utah resort for real?
We're in the guppy stages, but one resort hopes to leap to Big Fish status in the Utah powder pond. Nordic Valley, Ogden's 'other' resort, currently operates 140 acres and is proposing an upgrade to a casual 2,800-acre mega-resort that would include a nearly 5-mile gondola between Eden and North Ogden.

Needless to say, some feathers were ruffled in O-town, and plans are in the earliest of stages, but Nordic Valley and its ambitious ownership team seem pretty keen to change the game in Utah. ***Puts popcorn in microwave***