2014 Ski Town Throwdown

Where's the best place to ski in North America?

Before we begin …

In our November issue, we ranked the top 64 places to ski powder in North America based on Powder Per Person (or P3), which took into account things we really like, such as vertical, snowfall, and skiable acreage, and things we don’t, like too many other skiers. The data is in, but it’s merely a place to start the conversation. And we’re sure you have something to say about where your ski area ended up. Which is why we used these rankings as a way to seed each of the 16 ski areas per region in a 64-team March Madness-style bracket, called Ski Town Throwdown. Check the schedule and bracket below, watch our match-up previews, take part in the discussion, pick your winners for a chance to win a dream trip, and, most importantly, vote. It all starts October 14 on Facebook.com/PowderMag.

2014 Champions
Crested Butte, CO