Sure, a lot has changed since this footage was shot, but it’s easy to argue that Mammoth Mountain remains the "Best Place Ever" (it's California cousin, Squaw Valley in a close second place in my opinion). This throwback footage of Mammoth is not only an ode to radical iron crosses and stunt ditches, but the courage found in sending massive cornices, via skinny skis and Raichle Flexons. It's fun, it's groovy, and most importantly, it makes me envious of a ski generation that glorified hop turns and pole plants…

This undersaturated, Super 8 video has it all; mini ramps to dirt bikes, snowboards to steep lines. It seems the Eastern Sierras will always remain as a playground for the young and wild, seeking California sun and the "Best Day Ever".

Here is a cheat sheet for all the radical moments showcased in this video. And remember, when you ski nude—wear sunblock.

1:16—Best powder form

2:11—Cornice sends

4:27—Sweet slashes

6:48—Big airs, don't care

7:50—The most graceful hop turns ever