PHOTO: Ryan Salm

If you’re looking to make this Independence Day a holiday to remember, skip the parade and celebrate the old Stars and Stripes with a top-to-bottom lap in 75-degree weather. And in case you’re wondering, there are six resorts where you can still get your shred on. Here’s everything you’ll need to let freedom ring.

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Beyond Coastal Active Sunscreen SPF 34 ($15)
Assuming you’re skiing in shorts (which you should be), this all-natural no-BS sunscreen will keep your lily white legs from frying like hotdogs on the grill. Water resistant for up to 80 minutes, it’ll last through your skinny dip in that high alpine lake. Buy now.

Beyond Coast Active SPF 34 Sunscreen

Skida Nordic Headband ($16)
The moisture-wicking fabric will keep the sweat out of your eyes on the hike up and keep your ears warm on the rip down. Buy now.

Skida headband

Roadside Fireworks
Nothing says ‘Merica by setting off a string of firecrackers before diving into a couloir of hot pow. Aim away from your face, and don’t litter.

Julbo Vermont Classics ($150)
A must for every mountain-dweller, these retro shades are extremely protective against the sun, while the leather side shields block out wind while schussing slush. Wrap-around wire ear pieces hold them in place during obligatory keg stands. Buy now.

Julbo Vermont Classics sunglasses

Chums ($7)
Quick-drying (from beer, sweat, or slush), these will hold your specs in place without getting in the way of the party. Buy now.

chums neoprene eyeglass retainers

Your Favorite Hat (Priceless)
You do not want to show up at the office on July 5 hungover AND sunburned. Shield your dome with a good hat, like this one from Party Beach Ski Camp on Mount Hood. These folks know summer skiing.

Party Beach Ski Camp hat

Burton Beeracuda ($25)
BYOB with this handy over-the-shoulder beer sling that will keep a few cold ones on hand for you and five friends. Or you and no friends. Buy now.

Burton beeracuda

Bacon ($6)
It’s a bit of a chore to lug a grill to the summit, so skip the hassle and celebrate the Red, White and Blue with America’s greatest invention. Read up on the rules of skiing’s best snack, pocket bacon, here.

Osprey Kresta 30 Backpack ($170)
Unless you’re skiing at one the six hills still spinning their lifts, you’re going to need a pack to haul your skis from the grassy trailhead to the never-summer zone up high. A women-specific backpack for backcountry touring, the Kresta has room for all your safety gear (beacon, shovel, probe), a helmet net, and the option to carry your skis diagonally or in A-frame fashion. For the men’s equivalent, check out the Osprey Kamber 32. Buy now.

Osprey Kresta 30 backpack

Blizzard Zero G 108 ($800)
The combination of low weight and stability in all conditions earned the Zero G a Skier’s Choice win in our 2017 Buyer’s Guide. The lightweight paulownia wood core keeps the weight down to just 1,750 grams per ski, while the rocker up front and camber underfoot helps it drive through the chop and hold a strong edge. Buy now.

Blizzard Zero G 108

Tecnica Zero G Guide W ($550)
It’s hard to switch from sandals to ski boots, but the hybrid Zero G boot is big on comfort. The 105 flex feels more like a 120, and the rockered rubber soles will keep you safe on any slippery traversing through summer runoff. Here's a review of the men's version, the Tecnica Zero G Guide Pro, which earned Skier’s Choice in our 2017 Buyer’s Guide. Buy now.

Tecnica Zero G Guide Alpine ski boot

To get the first look at next season’s best skis, boots and bindings, subscribe to The Skier’s Magazine and get our 2018 Buyer’s Guide shipped right to your door.