Interview by Greg Fitzsimmons

I had the chance to sit down with Seth Morrison during The Meeting in Aspen. Seth, along with a handful of the ski industry's a-team, was in Colorado for the annual ski and snowboard film festival. Over coffee we talked about last year, the upcoming gear he's helped design, and what's coming up this season

So how was last year? What are some things you're psyched on from last season?
I filmed with TGR for most of the season and then I worked on a project for Oakley, we're calling it a 'Seth and friends project" until we nail down a name. I spent five weeks in Petersburg, Alaska with TGR. It was great to go to a place where nobody is. We didn't have to do the normal Alaska thing: put a flag in a line, fight off the crowds, and wait for the conditions to get right. We hit a couple of cool zones; Devil's Thumb was by far the best.

What's up with the "Seth and friends project?"
The whole idea behind this is to show skiing in a different light, highlight some aspects of the sport that don't normally get conveyed in films. So, we're keeping the crews small to be able to move around easily and be productive, and filming in different places. I flew from Alaska to Chamonix for the first part of the project. Kye [Peterson] was with me in France and we quickly saw why not many people film there. It's a really hard place because of long boot-packs, crazy conditions, and insane terrain. We always have a harness on in Alaska, but it was cool to climb around with one on in Chamonix and actually use it. The whole experience was really eye opening. We saw a lot of people doing crazier stuff than us over there. I just got back from South America for the Oakley project, too. Pep [Fujas] and I were down there together. The thing that's difficult with filming in South America is that the timing makes things hard. Their winter adds a tough element to editing. But we're looking at this as a two-year project, so we're able to add some things like South America.

Sounds sweet, I know people will be stoked to see this footage. Tell us a bit about the gear you're on. Are there any changes to things?
We re-designed the ObSETHed ski at K2. It's wider and has more rocker. The graphics are toned down, but it still has the same Southwestern theme. You'll see my backpack from Black Diamond is orange plaid, it adds some color. And I finally got a pro model Troy Lee Designs helmet. I've been wearing their helmets for a long time, and it's good to be on the team.

What's on tap for 2010-2011?
I'm looking forward to going back to Chamonix for some work on the Oakley project. We did two trips there last year--a two-weeker and a three-weeker. The weather was pretty rough while we were there, but we used that time to try and learn as much as possible about the area. We studied weather patterns and aspects, and so it'll be good to get back and try to put what we learned to work. Other than that, I'll hopefully be with TGR in Alaska again, getting into new zones like we did last year. The "Seth and friends" film project with Oakley has really made me look at skiing in a different way and try to show skiing in a new light.

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