Sean Pettit has had our attention since emerging as the 11-year-old mini-shredder in Pop Yer Bottlez, starring in Matchstick and Poor Boyz flicks, winning armfuls of industry awards, and becoming Red Bull's certified freeski rockstar. Now at 21, the Whistler, British Columbia native is taking the next step in his professional career with a brand new video project, Super Proof Inc.

Just like every step of his journey, we're right there with him, anxious to see what Pettit will think up next. Except Pettit only released a vague video pre-teaser and a website homepage to work with. So is Super Proof a film company? A video hosting site? Pettit's new pop rock record label?

Fresh off winning Best Manmade Air at the Powder Video Awards, the youngest Pettit put all rumors to bed and gave us the lowdown on his newest project and what to look forward to this season.

We saw the video and we're officially confused. What are we looking at with Super Proof Inc.?

That was kind of the idea in the first place, to get people to have that reaction—it was more a hype video than anything. With Super Proof our focus project is going to be two or three short films. With the short films we're taking a bit of a new approach to not only film ski action, but also to have entertainment value so that anyone can sit down, watch, and say 'woah this is really cool'.

We want people to know that we're not telling real stories—these aren't biographical. This isn't a trip to Alaska with cameras. This is a different idea, a Hollywood twist. We want people's minds to roam.

At the 14th Annual Powder Awards, Sean Pettit takes a photo of himself, Kye Petersen, and others from their first Powder Awards several years ago.

At the 14th Annual Powder Awards, Sean Pettit takes a photo of himself, Kye Petersen, and others from their first Powder Awards several years ago.

Where did that kind of an idea come from?

It's a concept I've had in my head for a while and I wanted a little bit of change in the way ski films and video making can be. There's so much room to do so much more.

We're also building a website that will release in the next couple of weeks. We want that to be a hub for all of our videos. Not just me, but also people that are in my life. It won't only be skiing, we'll have some funny videos, some lifestyle videos, things like that. Hopefully we'll have video posts every one or two weeks this winter to keep things entertaining and fun.

Who else are you working with on this?

My brother [Callum] is going to be a part of this too, which will be sweet because we haven't filmed together in quite a few years. Mike Henitiuk will be involved as well for quite a bit of it. [Mark] Abma has shown interest in filming. We're also going to host a few select people that filmed park around here. We'll actually be filming their full video part, so there'll be quite a few full video parts on Super Proof by the end of the season. It's something new for all of us, so that's big. We have the control.

With these short films, do you have specific ideas for this year, or are you just winging it?

I've never written a script, but I've actually scripted out a couple of the videos already. We have three scripted videos right now that I'm going to keep them a mystery until we start pumping out a teaser. We'll be releasing our first video next fall. The scripts are pretty funny and super different, so it will be entertaining for sure.

How much creative control have you had in the past?

I've obviously had my two cents put into previous segments, but nothing close to what we're doing here. This is straight from me, from scratch.

I've been looking at it like this: You see a music artist make an album, and it's them making the album. They have help from people—I do too, I have a filmer and an editor—but it's up to the artist what goes in the album, and the same should go for a movie part. We're artists ourselves, so we should have full control over how we're perceived. We don't want to be a production company at Super Proof, we want to be a production label. We want to act like a record label putting out ski parts for talented athletes. All of those parts help establish Super Proof's creativity.

Sean Pettit describes his new project Super Proof Inc. as a record label for skiers.

Sean Pettit describes his new project Super Proof Inc. as a record label for skiers.

Why is right now the time for this project?

It's good to have ideas and act quick on them, but it's also good to sit on an idea for a while and let it build in your head. I hope that's how this works because there's a lot of thought that has gone into it and a lot of planning with our team. Brandon Kelly is our filmer, and Leigh Powis will be our editor, two people who know what's up in the ski world.

Leigh did Corey Vanular's segment earlier this fall and we saw the teaser—are we looking a lot more ski masks this season?

Hell yeah, a lot more ski masks. Bring on the masks.

Are you still filming with other production companies?

No. This project is getting full focus. I'm dropping in 100 percent. Well, I'm actually doing a TV show too. We just finished the pilot and it sounds like it's going to be accepted. That will be a full eight-episode TV series with Red Bull Media House following us around while we do what we do.

This isn't going to be anything like that painful Ryan Scheckler MTV series is it?

Don't worry, we are far, far away from that already. I think our pilot is the best thing that will land on the executives' desks this season. We went on a movie tour and it was just, well, hilarious. At the very least there is definitely no crying about not getting girls (sorry Scheckler).