Schwartz, Besse win at Snowbird

Junior Freeride World Tour champions crowned

The girls podium. PHOTO: BILLY SWAN/JFT
Utah allows underage drinking? Must be Martinelli's sparkling cider. Switzerland's Maude Besse celebrates a world championship. PHOTO: BILLY SWAN/JFT

The first-ever Junior Freeride World Championships wrapped up Saturday at Snowbird. The two-day event, modeled directly after the Freeride World Tour, brought international skiers to Utah for the first junior event of its kind.

Day one brought five inches of snow on Silver Fox and bad visibility. The boys weren’t able to finish their runs due to the weather. On the girls side, eventual winner Maude Besse finished the day 10 points ahead of the next skier.

On day two, the competition moved to North Baldy, where Jackson Hole’s Sam Schwartz took the win for the boys. Christian Kinneson was second and Emmett Seely was third.

For the girls, Switzerland’s Maude Besse followed up her strong day one performance with a solid run and a big air at the bottom to win. Elisabeth Gerritzen was second, and American Deirde Babcock was third.

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