Jenn Harrelson Still Producing Memorial Items to Support McConkey Family

Jenn Harrelson Still Producing Commemorative Items to Support McConkey Family

Words: Shelley Woll

For Shane McConkey fans looking for a way to commemorate the athlete as well as support his family, Jenn Harrelson is offering just that opportunity.

The artist began making lighters and dog tags with McConkey's alter ego, Saucer Boy, on one side and a quote on the other reading: "Nothing better than sliding on snow, flying through the air."

After hearing about McConkey's death last March, Harrelson was devastated. Being a skier her whole life, she idolized Shane and was familiar with him as a maggot on TGR's website forum.

"He was a part of TGR, and he actually got on there and chatted with people and gave advice about skiing," Harrelson said. "A lot of people considered it really nice that he would take the time to mingle with the locals."

Struck with the news, Harrelson put her feelings into motion and started working on a black and white painting of a McConkey headshot with mountains reflected in his goggles. It was then she realized selling her valuable art in order to help the McConkey family might be the best way to pay tribute to Shane.

"I'm a single mom myself so I know how hard it is," Harrelson said of the strains of providing for a family on a single income.

After she couldn't find someone to mass-produce the prints, her friend from TGR suggested Harrelson use the imprinting machine she works on for her day job as a trumpet manufacturer to imprint jewelry and lighters.

Since, she has been imprinting tags and lighters out of her home in Montana since mid-April, despite the arrival of her baby last month. Since she first posted the pieces on the TGR forum, 77 have been sold through her PayPal account.

Harrelson promises that she'll keep making them as long as people want them, and estimates that for each piece sold about $10-12 goes to Sherry and Ayla McConkey.

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