What is Roz G. DoING?

A look at Ms. Groenewoud's summer

Roz G on Trennon Paynter's trampoline. PHOTO: TRENNON PAYNTER

InterviewING: by Mike Rogge

I saw the documentary, Jiro Dreams of Sushi. It's about the creative process, dedication, and intricacies of making the best sushi in the world combined with the father/son relationship. As a lover of sushi and a fan of Japanese culture, I found the story captivating. It was filmed with a RED digital camera so it was amazingly vibrant and made the sushi look almost surreal while at the same time, totally mouth-watering. I was glad I saw it on the big screen with an excellent sound system as it really showed it off.

I love to read, to be read to, and to read out loud to a friend. That said, I've been reading more for university courses than for pleasure. I'm currently doing a physics course (Special Relativity is a total page turner). On and off, I've been reading Packing for Mars by Mary Roach for a few months. It is a fun, pop science book about space travel that you can pick up, read a bit and then put down for a while.

I live in Squamish and it is an outdoor playground. I like to cross county bike, go on trail runs (though cougars are a new fear of mine), rock climb, hit some balls around a tennis court, and bushwhack through the forest. Hiking the Chief, day or night, is a great Squamish thing to do. Yoga is a constant in my life and there are several studios here in Squamish. Trennon Paynter has the most amazing trampoline set up in his backyard, which is just a few blocks from my house.

I try to watch a TEDTalk at least once a week, I also love cruising the web for new culinary adventures to try. As there is a lot of downtime when traveling for training or competitions, I too often pass the time by browsing, watching, and staring at my computer screen. So when I'm at home, I try to avoid it except for schoolwork, responding to emails and looking up recipes. I also visit my sponsors sites, Spyder, Scott, Kombi, Swix Wax, and Voleurz.

I bought a party dress to go to a gala fundraiser in July for Right to Play.

EatING and DrinkING
Eating! A favourite subject and something I think I'm very good at. People are often impressed with how much I eat (a big appetite is a Groenewoud family trait). I will eat anything except peanuts. I've been known to get very "hangry" the minute hunger hits so it is important to those around me that I have healthy snacks, like almonds or a bar, close at hand. I don't like to think there is a specific food or drink that I couldn't live without… but it sometimes feels like I can't live without a good strong cup of coffee. I've been eating sushi regularly since I was 4 years old so I regularly go to Sushi Sen in Squamish is my favourite local restaurant.

My favourite "parties" are music festivals. They have everything I like: live music, the excitement of discovering new music faves, and a lot of dancing. I'm in Whistler right now coaching Girls Camp at Momentum Ski Camps. I'm looking forward to going out dancing with my favourite skiers. Female freeskiers are most often amazing dancers: I've seen Keltie Hansen, Dania Assaly, Megan Gunning, and Meg Olenick dance unsuspecting strangers into oblivion on the dance floor.

@adrienneboz Tweets "short stories on every day life in 140 characters". She just started doing this and I love them.
@OMGFacts Random facts about just about everything.
@lisaleslie calls people who follow her tweets, "Tweethearts" and that makes me smile. Her #MakeTheRules tweets are an inspiration to me.
I tend to read the ski press tweets first, looking for news, results, anecdotes, updates, video, photos, all that. I'm so disappointed in the ski media when they forget to tweet about female results. Shout out to @MaryOski for being such a constantly positive fan of freeskiing and its skiers!


Walk the Moon—Tightrope I heard this band for the first time at Sasquatch in the spring. They were extremely high-energy performers and this type of indie-dance-pop always puts a smile on my face.
Violent Femmes—Blister in the Sun. It has the best opening lick of all time.
Karen O—The Teaser and her cover of Immigrant Song. I'm a longtime Karen O fan so there is always something of hers on my playlist.
Beyonce—Upgrade U. A guilty pleasure and especially good for chairlift rides or drives to the gym. I've spent my music life avoiding typical girlie pop music but I can't help but like some Beyonce songs.
Florence + The Machine—Only for a Night. The lyrics of this song, in my opinion, are about feeling the presence of a woman who has passed away. The lines: "And I did cartwheels in your honour" & "The only solution was to stand and fight" feel very symbolic of my aspiration to honour Sarah through skiing aggressively.

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