Remembering Shane McConkey

Not that we'd be able to forget

Four years ago today, Shane McConkey passed away in a ski-BASE accident in the Italian Dolomites. As skiers, we owe McConkey a lot: rockered skis, 10-year-old segments that are still mindblowing today, the game of GNAR. But the most important thing he left us with was the idea that skiing is supposed to be fun. No matter how rad you are, or how much better of a skier you are than anyone else on the mountain, you can still be Saucerboy. You can still get goofy and weird and throw spraffys in the mini park on snowlerblades. That will always be important.

MSP Films and Red Bull Media House are putting out “McConkey,” a movie about Shane’s life and legacy, next fall. Here’s the trailer.

Or, if you just want to see him crush big Alaskan lines and jump off stuff, you can watch this.

Or this.

More McConkey? Get involved with the Shane McConkey Foundation, or go to the Pain McShlonkey this weekend.