Shane’s tribute to Bond from MSP’s Seven Sunny Days

Shane often talked the influence old James Bond films had on skiing, and
particularly pointed out the sequence from The Spy Who Loved Me. In that
film, Bond goes fakie, shoots an attacker with a ski-pole rifle, throws a
switch backflip 180, and skis off a cliff with a BASE rig.

Here, from MSP’s Seven Sunny Days, is Shane’s tribute to Bond.
Each day this week, Powder will pay tribute to our fallen hero, Shane
McConkey, who passed away on March 26th in a ski BASE accident in Italy.

We plan to share stories, photos–both serious action and lifestyle and
goofy McConkey action and lifestyle–and video throughout the week to honor
one of the most original skier and person of our time.

We've also started a tribute page on our Powder Community site, and
encourage you all to tell your own stories and upload your own photos and
video of Shane. You can find that here:

Also, be sure and check out
for more photos–mostly hilarious– of Shane, in addition to where you can leave a comment and make donations for
Shane’s wife and little girl.

To learn more of the tragic accident, you can read the official release from
Matchstick Productions, who was filming at the scene, here: