Kastengren and Fransson on the summit of Mt. Aspriring. Photo courtesy of Andreas Fransson.

Kastengren and Fransson on the summit of Mt. Aspriring. PHOTO: Courtesy of Andreas Fransson.

On Sunday, November 3, experienced Swedish ski mountaineer Magnus Kastengren fell to his death while descending New Zealand’s Mount Cook. He and Andreas Fransson, also an accomplished skier and mountaineer, had spent the past weeks exploring New Zealand’s Southern Alps, one of a multitude of trips they had taken together. Fransson explained the circumstances surrounding Kastengren’s passing on his personal website, in an honest and raw post. His words provide compelling insight into the loss of his close friend as well as the life he and other mountain athletes lead.

POWDER’s heartfelt condolences go out to Magnus Kastengren’s friends, family, and loved ones.

The following is the introduction to Fransson’s post:

Chapter 1:

My great friend Magnus is dead. No words can describe how much he meant to me. He was like a brother.

He was also a son, a brother and an incredible friend of so many people out there around the world. Magnus treated everyone the same and he was a friend to everyone he met.

To all of you who knew Magnus: I'm terrible sorry! I'm suffering with you and I will try to shine light on what happened during his last weeks, days, hours and at the end minutes and seconds of his life.

It's a life that is now ended, a light that is now transformed and a great adventurer of life that has now moved on to new challenges.

For us who are still here you are a candle blown out and the darkness you left behind is hard, so hard, to bear.

Please go to Andreas Fransson’s website to read the complete post.