Preseason Training Starts Now: Dryland Skinning
When it comes to making a fool of yourself in the name of skiing, there's no time like the present. For all of you aspiring uphillists, the newest training craze is here. Straight outta Sweden, the Exo Training Belt is built to get your upper body and core into hill-climbing mode like the rest of you, adding a little punch to your typical hiking routine.

For the small cost of looking like Dr. Octopus all summer long, you can torch your friends on the skin track next year, and spend entirely too much money doing so. Plan B: Get out your rollerblades.

The John Spriggs Comeback Edit
After some run-ins with the law and a subsequent rehab stint, it appears ski yeti John Spriggs is healthy and shredding once again. The proof is in the tape, as Spriggsy drops a heater of 2018 POV footage that puts a new spin on spinal tapping. Spriggs cohort Tanner Hall is also off the bottle and back in the competition scene. Props, boys.

Killington Closes with Bump Skiing Zen
Something so beautifully perfect about this bump skiing edit filmed over the last two weekends at Killington. No frills, just four solid minutes of wiggles and Zappa. No one does spring like the Beast crew.

Marines in Market for New Ski Sponsor
Attention all brand reps, looks like the good ole Marine Corps is in search of a new equipment contract for skis and bindings come 2019. Qualifications? Light, low-maintenance, and good in cold weather conditions. If they're compatible with Extreme Coldweather Vapor Boots, you might just be in line for a $12.75 million contract. I think I know a couple of brands that might fit this bill. You guys paying attention out there?