POWDER Wins Three Maggie Awards

WPA honors Deep: The Future of Snow, Frozen In Time, and PowderTV


POWDER three Western Publishing Association MAGGIEs for the second consecutive year. PHOTO: Van Swae

On Friday, the Western Publishing Association honored POWDER with three MAGGIE awards in Los Angeles.

POWDER won Best Series of Articles for DEEP: The Future of Snow In America and The Future of Snow in Europe, published in the September and December issues. Additionally, POWDER won Best Video Channel, for POWDER TV and Best Original or Replica of a Digital Publication for a Tablet for its multimedia feature, Frozen In Time.

The evening was a testament to POWDER's range as a media brand.

"Our strength is the spectrum of what we can accomplish in media," said Managing Editor John Clary Davies. "To produce an award-winning video channel, multimedia presentation, and two-part, 10,000-word magazine feature on climate change showcases POWDER's depth."

The MAGGIE Awards are the most highly-regarded publishing event in the West, honoring the 24 states on that side of the Mississippi. In addition to the categories it won, the WPA also nominated POWDER for Best Outdoor Sports, Boating and Recreation, Best Use of Social Media, Best Editorial Layout, and Best Cover.

Last year, POWDER won MAGGIES for Best Outdoor Sports Boating and Recreation/Consumer category, Best Use of Social Media, and Best Overall Publication. Prior to 2013, POWDER hadn't won a MAGGIE since 1991.

POWDER would like to thank its readers, partners, photographers, videographers, and writers for making these awards possible.

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