New venue, new lines
After 13 years at Jackson Hole, Powder Week moved up the road to Big Sky Resort, where lines like Big Couloir were a solid way to get the blood pumping after three too many late night tequila shots.

In addition to rowdy inbounds terrain, Big Sky (like most of the region) is home to some of the sharpest rock ‘sharks’ around and likely has the most core shots per capita in the Western U.S. Perfect for a ski test, right? Tester Alex Meilleur figured it out early, taking a digger in a minefield and kicking off #Sharkweek in the process.

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Show me the sky
A few of the loc-dogs were willing to spill the goods on some of the hidden gems throughout the Big Sky area, including one complete with a key-locked liquor cabinet. Guess I missed the invite on that one. Thanks, guys.

Powder Week actually had powder
Anyone who says there wasn’t any good snow at Big Sky this week clearly had been spending too much time at Hummer’s, and not enough on the hill. The Big Sky wind factor is the real deal, and while it wasn’t Blower Town, there was still plenty of soft to be had.

Kim Kardashian showed up
Oh shit, that was last week? Well Scot Schmidt is a close second I guess.

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Powder shatters Gelande Quaff losing streak
The Powder crew broke its Gelande Quaff losing streak in a big way this year, taking things into the finals before losing on a controversial botched backflip attempt. Contestants cited the 5-percent beer as a bit of a hinderance, but all I know is that it started one hell of a dance party.

No animals were harmed during Powder Week
Well, except unicorns. But who gives a s#%t about them anyway?

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Did I mention we got to hang and ski with a bunch of rad humans?
Thanks again for the good times, Big Sky.

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