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Powder Week Photo Gallery

The "work" that goes in to producing the POWDER Buyer's Guide.

Sunday: An empty tent at the base of Jackson Hole Mountain Resort quickly filled with racks of skis. An empty bar became crowded with thirsty skiers. And full glasses of hot wine and cold beers were raised to the start of the 14th Annual Powder Week. Meet the Powder Union, the people who will shred and charge to find their four favorite skis and ultimate quiver for next year’s Buyer’s Guide.

Monday: Showed up for breakfast with a hangover—the first of many. Skiing, burning legs, ego humbled, time for lunch. More skiing, more tram laps. Remembering that ego is not my amigo. Back to the tent where a cold can signaled the end of day one and the start of night two.

Tuesday: So happy I went to bed an hour earlier than everyone else. It’s snowing! Hot laps down the Alta Chutes, and Tower 3, and back to the Alta Chutes. Lunch. The storm cleared. The locals said this was the first time they’d seen the sun in a month. Out the gate and up a boot pack, then another boot pack, all to find fresh tracks at 5 p.m. Last run of the day, best run of the day. Alpha Team patch ceremony (Huah!). Another cold can, followed by some late night Mangy Moose action. I might have made out with Petey the Penguin (via the beer bong), but the memory is fuzzy.

Wednesday: A.S.S.F.A.R.T. (All Ski Something Fast Awesome Rad Together.) Pick a ski, any ski, and hot laps all day long. Gortex swapped for furry robes, jeans, chicken costumes, or red stretchy suspenders. 2 p.m.: Girl Shred. The boys tried to crash the party. They couldn’t keep up. 4:20 p.m.: The first beer of the Gelande Quaff World Championships flew down the table. Never have I ever seen such an impressive display of competitive binge drinking. 2 a.m.: The A.S.S.F.A.R.T. King is still on the dance floor in his Canadian tuxedo and ski boots.

Thursday: Focus. One more day. Legs come back to life after hiking to another Four Pines lap. Lunch. Crawl up the boot pack on the Headwall to the top of Granite Canyon. Ski 2,000 feet of sustained vertical. Mind = blown. Hike out via the never-ending side step and realize why everyone in Jackson has a stronger right leg than left. Closing ceremonies where the Kings and Queens of Powder Week are crowned. The coveted Captain’s Cup is passed on to Moment’s Luke Jacobsen, and the Cup’s alumni chug beer out of their boots. Shuttle to the Stagecoach. Disco.

The end.

Special thanks goes out to Jackson Hole Mountain Resort and the Teton Mountain Lodge for hosting “the greatest week of the year.” And to the team at Fusion of Ideas for building an extraordinary digital app used during the week. POWDER would also like to thank the Hostel X, Alpenhof, all the bartenders at the Mangy Moose, the Calico, the Village Cafe, everyone who Quaffed, the lifties at Thunder who played Grateful Dead on repeat, and that one girl in the hot tub who got away. May you find the man you’re looking for, and may he lead you to plentiful and secret stashes of powder.