A lot of people take photos. Few turn photography into an art and profession. And no wonder—to be a photographer demands hard work bordering on maniacal obsession. POWDER was built on the best ski photography in the world—and subsequently, the best snowballs thrown in skiing. Think you have what it takes to be a ski photographer? Read on:

1. You demand everyone follow the light, even though nobody has slept at reasonable hours for days and you've successfully sapped all the fun out of skiing.

2. Traveling with you is an extremely high-maintenance affair that requires a full support staff, all the car's space, and outrageous airport fees.

3. You're a sensitive, delicate flower. We get it. You're an artiste.

4. You can't throw a snowball worth shit.

5. You're maniacal, unsafe, obsessed, and frequently yelling at innocents about "Getting the shot."

6. You have a secret one-turn wonder location and demand everyone be blindfolded before taking them there. It's usually about 10 steps from the road.

7. Your private Instagram screeds are legendary, but you still post more than anyone.

8. You make The Skier’s Magazine real pretty.

PHOTO: Shane Treat

This story originally published in the January 2017 issue of POWDER (45.5). Subscribe to the magazine here.