10 Ways to Spend Time Waiting for Snow

Winter is coming… But not quickly enough.

PHOTO: Nate Abbott

Warm season sucks. The snow is gone, it’s too damn hot, and unless you can make it to Hood or Whistler, you won’t be clicking into your skis for at least the next few months.

We’ve compiled a short list of activities to help stave off those summertime blues while we all twiddle our thumbs waiting for Mother Nature to deliver powder season.

1. Cry

2. Drink

3. Move to the southern hemisphere. You don’t have to wait for winter to come back when it never leaves.

4. Wax and edge your skis… for the fifth time.

5. Air out your boot bag from last season. On second thought, no, don’t.

6. Pick up a new hobby, like homemade shot-skis, wood carvings of Glen Plake, or yodeling.

7. Do a lunge. Or hit the gym with these off-season training tips the pros won’t tell you about.

8. Get a doctorate in mechanical engineering. Build a time machine or cryogenically freeze yourself until December.

9. Work on your “sponsor me” edit from all the rad GoPro footage you totally bagged last season

10. Dances, prayers, candlelit vigils, chants, shots of mountain goat’s blood, sacrificial lambs—whatever it takes to bring the fluffy white stuff ASAP.

(11. Spend the best $15 of your off-season and subscribe to POWDER magazine.)

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