Take a sick day: Cough up a lung, blame last night's all-you-can-eat taco buffet, tell your boss your doctor just got the test results in—whatever it takes to get one more good, mid-week shred session in.

Wash that base layer: You know the one. That one you swore you'd wash four trips ago but never quite made it from your ski bag to the laundry basket? Do everyone a favor, wash it twice. Here’s some advice on how to wash all of your gear, for that matter.

Drink a chairlift beer: In the words of the late, great ’80s glam rock band Cinderella, you don't know what you got till it's gone. There's something special about cracking a beer on the chairlift, and as the lifts stop spinning for summertime, you gotta take advantage of the little things in life while you still have them.

Wear denim: Admit it, you know it feels good.

Clean and wax your bases: While it might not be the most fun thing on this list, you (and your skis) will thank us come next season.

Check your pockets: Take out crumpled up receipts and old Clif Bar wrappers and replace them with a $20 bill to start next season's bar tab and supplies for your next safety meeting come November. Now you've got yourself a mini time capsule just waiting to be opened once the snow starts falling. Here are a few things we found in our pockets from last season.

Ski naked: Was it really even a successful season if you didn't take at least one BN lap? We made our intern do it.

Tip your bartender (and lifty and patroller): They've been putting up with you and your buddies' shenanigans all season long. Show some love to the folks that make ski season possible because, let's be honest, you wouldn't last 5 minutes in their ski boots.

Ski your god damn heart out: It might be close, but the ski season isn't over just yet. If you've got a chance to ski, take it. Come August, you'll be thankful for every last spring turn you were able to get. We all know spring skiing is the best skiing.