Monkey: Untamed, known to freak out and get weird, unable to resist shiny objects—like skis— skilled in hot tubbing, can't handle liquor.

Butterfly: Once a snowboarder, now a skier, still undecided, here for the social scene, has many friends, kinda fragile.

Bear: Works the counter of the local dispensary, prefers dumpster diving over grocery shopping, usually sleeps through first chair, hairy.

Porcupine: Super chill but needs a lot of personal space, not ideal for a roommate or a ski buddy, kind of a prick if it hasn't snowed in a while.

Grasshopper: Has a knack for getting first chair, for scoring fields of untracked pow, and being impossible to make plans with.

Pelican: Wise, old, has worn the same frayed coat with grease stains for a decade, pond skimming champion 17 years running, shitty tipper, strange odor.

Frog: Has an inferiority complex, transient, just moved here from UVM, tries really hard, true personality comes out late at night.

Dolphin: Dropped out of a physics doctorate program to ski powder every day, rarely stops talking about the intricacies of the latest weather system or the implications of El Niño, mates for fun.

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