Discovery S
Disciplined, consistent, on time, sober, the Discovery S is an anomaly in the ski shop. PHOTO: Christian Pondella

How To Get Your Skis Tuned For Free By A Local Shop Tech

The barter economy is alive and well in ski towns

PHOTO: Christian Pondella

A dime-bag isn’t going to pay the bills. Ski techs like to get paid like the rest of us. But they’re skiers, too, and if you’re in a pinch, they might work with you. Say what you will about the skyrocketing costs associated with the sport of skiing—the barter economy is alive and well in most ski towns. But if you've only heard about the exchange of goods for services that happen in the back rooms of ski shops, well, then you’re probably not seasoned enough to play the game, and should just fork over the cash. But you can always try. Here are some suggestions. We recommend committing to all eight. Hey, a good tune goes a long way.

1. Give them a 12-pack of beer.

2. Wash and detail their car.

3. Sleep with them (if they're attracted to you).

4. Don't sleep with them (if they're not attracted to you).

5. Let them use your basement to grow a mostly legal amount of recreational marijuana.

6. Rub their feet for 20 minutes.

7. Post their bail.

8. Give them a 24-pack of beer.