PHOTO: Kene Sperry

Congratulations! By being a tourist in town, you're automatically 75 percent more interesting to the target of your affections. Remember, the local you’re talking to hasn't just been seeing the same 25-30 people day in and day out all season, they've been getting hit on by them, too! Just by answering "Not here" to the question, "Where do you live?", you've got their attention. Now, engage …

1. I followed my passions right out of college. My passions include gainful employment and the ability to save for retirement.

2. I'm just in town looking at rental properties—how do you feel about live-in property management?

3. I'm pretty sure you're a better skier than me.

4. You want to get out of here at a reasonable hour, not be super hungover in the morning, and catch first chair?

5. I don't have any roommates.

6. That guy over there just pointed to you and said, "I didn't lose my girlfriend, I just lost my turn." You want me to punch him?

7. My favorite part of ski vacations is getting up early to shovel the driveway. Hey, look, it's snowing!

8. I'm leaving town in 36 hours.

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