Portillo Buried By Three Feet and Still Dumping

Words and Photos: Johnny Stifter

The forecast called for 15 centimeters. And 90 have fallen. The full stats: 26 inches in 24 hours, six percent water content and no wind. And that report was at 6 a.m. this morning. Since then, another ten inches have fallen, as a massive storm continues to pound Portillo. We skied this morning on the only lift running, attempting to score face shots on the 200-vertical-foot run the lift serviced. We all felt like eight-year-olds again, burying each other with ease and smiling wide. The forecast calls for sun on Thursday, but for now, the road remains closed and we’re holed up watching the snow pile up outside on the deck. Winter is alive at Portillo!

These photos are from yesterday and today: