Poach’d: The Poacher Interviews Traveling Circus’ Will and Andy

An incisive interview brought to you by the latest Powder intern

"Andy Artjib," handout art from Episode 3.3 of Line's Traveling Circus.

"Andy Artjib," handout art from Episode 3.3 of Line's Traveling Circus.

By Max Santeusanio

Poacher: Which episode did you guys like the least from this season?

Andy: Probably the first episode. I think it’s pretty much because every episode that comes out I like the best. I don't think any of the episodes were bad, I think they're all good. Every time a new episode comes out, that's the best episode.

How did having a van change travel for you guys this season?

Will: In every way possible, I mean we're still driving everywhere obviously, but we have more space, we can bring more junk with us, more people, and were able to save our own cars: Mainly Andy's car, which we used for the first two seasons. Its been through a lot, from breaking down to getting stuck in the Salt Flats.

Andy: Yeah, we recently got stuck in the Salt Flats, we had to get towed out by a snowcat from Bogus Basin. So the van is sick, but at the same time, small things stop working and you start getting pissed. But overall huge upgrade, it’s awesome.

Poacher: Why did you guys drop Ski The East as a sponsor this year?

Andy: [Laughter] I did not drop Ski The East as a sponsor, I actually was forced to sign a contract with them, but that's actually not a good thing to say because, yeah…

Will: Because they wouldn't pay me a million dollars, like I asked for.

Andy: It’s all about because we asked for millions and they didn't give us millions.

Poacher: Classic. Why didn't Traveling Circus attend Powder Week this year?

Will: I believe I was hitting handrails in the rain in New York, obviously that's way more fun than skiing powder in Jackson Hole.

Andy: Pshhh, powder in Jackson Hole? So played. Pretty sure I was on the East Coast too, I was somewhere in Maine maybe. I don't know but yeah, powder's played, that's why we didn't go.

Poacher: So Josh Malyzck, Shane McFalls, and Jason Levin…

Andy: Nope.

Will: Next question.

Poacher: Anyways, what do your parents think of your lives?

Will: They have mixed impressions, I'd say they're very supportive as far as being happy doing something that makes me happy. At the same time I'm sure they'd rather me be a doctor or somebody with a real job.

Andy: Paging Dr. Wesson, paging Dr. Wesson. I'm going to steal the question away from Will and say that my folks are pretty supportive now, considering I've showed that I can make some sort of living of this and maybe it can develop into something. We both have a degree, so if we really need to go find a real job at some point in time, we definitely can, or just go back to school.

Poacher: What do you two have degrees in?

Will: Mine's in recreational resources management.

Andy: Mine's in resort and hospitality management.

Poacher: What is the overall objective of Traveling Circus compared to other ski webisode series?

Will: I'd say the thing that sets it apart is we’re not focused on making the most epic miniature ski movie that's free online; it’s not supposed to be the best. It's supposed to be entertaining. It's not supposed to be the biggest or strongest, it's not supposed to be super crazy.

Andy: We're there to help inspire kids in our same situation growing up. It’s like, if you do something that everyone can relate to, then it just helps inspire more people. We’re just trying to get kids stoked on skiing what they have to ski. Not on a huge jump doing triple flips, although I would like to do a triple flip… probably gonna do one this summer

Will: Probably next week at Mammoth.

Andy: Maybe two… yeah. Might as well, you know. [Laugher}

Poacher: Andy, what is your favorite Arizona Iced Tea and why?

Andy: Favorite Arizona Iced Tea right now is definitely Cranberry. I don't know, I like cranberry juice and I like tea, so I think it works well.

Poacher: All right cool, that's all we got, thanks guys.