The ski and snowboard communities are abuzz this week as winter weather touched down in the Pacific Northwest and much of the Rockies. Web cams from resorts were showing blizzard conditions and the snow was piling up in front of our eyes. We at the TREW office had been monitoring the 24 telemetry website to see if in fact the NOAA forecast predicting 3-4 feet of snow on Mt. Hood was going manifest. It did and 31 inches of snow was reported early Tuesday. My brother in TREW, Chris Pew, and I headed up with our dogs (Pop Tart and Crash) to go skiing on October 26 and the conditions were so good that it easily could have been January 26.

There was only one swath cut through the snow in the main Mt. Hood Meadows parking lot and the snow banks for were easily 4 feet tall. Trees were caked with white stuff. Pretty impressive for the first snow of the season. With skins affixed to skis, we moved up the mountain in order to ski down it. First lap was on Two Bowl and a second lap followed on Four Bowl. We smiled. We high fived. We threw massive thumbs ups. Hell, we were skiing bottomless pow on October 26. Here’s to a great start to the season for everyone pumped to slide around on snow! -Tripp Frey