Eight skiers with long-ish hair will get perms if they can raise $10,000 for High Fives

Support the Perm. Get these guys into the salon with a donation to High Fives.

Support the Perm. Get these guys into the salon with a donation to High Fives.

People do a lot of things to raise money for good causes. There's the usual fundraising go-tos--mixing up a batch of brownies for the bake sale, lapping the high school track for a walk-a-thon, or throwing a party with a DJ and a $5 cover at the door. Some people take it to the extremes, like not wearing shoes for a year or rowing a boat across the Atlantic solo or rounding up a bunch of dudes to get a perm, which happens to be the plan a group of skiers hatched to raise money for the High Fives Foundation. If they can raise $10,000 for High Fives by the end of the month, they will walk straight into a salon and get a perm.

It all started with former POWDER Editor Derek Taylor, who successfully raised nearly $2,500 for High Fives two years ago by baiting donors that he would perm his hair. Taylor did the fundraiser in memory of C.R. Johnson, who could rock a solid fro. Inspired, Taylor went into the salon and asked the stylist to give him the tightest curls possible.

For (hashtag) Perm March round two, Taylor teamed up with a few friends, including POWDER's February cover boy Chris Tatsuno, and upped the ante to a $10,000 fundraising goal. The cast for potential perm-ers includes eight guys with long-ish hair--Icelantic Skis’ Scott VerMerris, Dynafit’s Eric Henderson, Smith Optics’ Gabe Schroder, former POWDER Managing Editor and current Senior Correspondent Mike Rogge, (Pit Viper’s?) Casey Vanderbroek, and Blizzard’s Pat Sewell, in addition to Taylor and Tatsuno. Whether they go for I-just-rolled-out-of-bed-and-look-beautiful waves or disco-inspired spirals is up to them, although they could probably be swayed one way or the other if you have a strong opinion.

Not only will these grown men get curly locks but the money raised will go to the best of causes for skiers, the High Fives Foundation and the C.R. Johnson Healing Center. Taylor says he picked High Fives for the cause because they've established the tools and resources to be there when it counts, right when an injured skier needs that help the most.

"Everyone is always ready to step up when a friend gets hurt," says Taylor. "The problem is, that's often too late. Sure, you can help buy prosthetics, or pay some medical bills, or a monoski, but it's reactionary. High Fives has all those resources already in place, all the best contacts to get the best help, and money in the bank that can help a person the instant they need it."

The catch is that they won't touch their hair until they see the money up front. And March is almost halfway over, so if we want this to happen (and we do), the clock is ticking. To get these guys into the barber’s and donate, visit their crowd sourcing page.

"My hope is that people will donate to this now, before someone else gets hurt," says Taylor. "And in the process, they get to make a few people look ridiculous...er...I mean fantastic."